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Services & Treatments


At the Natural Path, we have a number of treatments available for you to obtain & retain optimal health.


Testing using BTA to uncover improvements and/or any significant changes.

Cancer Treatment

We have a range of Cancer treatments available which are discussed on the Cancer Care page.

Intramuscular Injection/Intravenous Therapies

Treating the cells with nutrients in a high concentration in order for the cell wall to absorb it and to maintain its health – thus allowing the body to perform its functions well.


A system of medicine that calls for stimulating the body’s own defense mechanism and healing powers given in minute doses, treating the person as a whole.

Lifestyle Counseling

Obtaining an understanding of a person’s daily activity in order to slightly transform lifestyle towards maximum health and wellbeing.

Clinical Nutrition

Recommending the proper diet protocol for your specific individual need, used to replenish starved cells.

Botanical Medicine

Used to prevent and/or treat diseases within the body by way of herbal preparations.


An energetic approach to help restore normal balance and flow of the human life energy (Chi) revitalizing the body to repair itself and maintain its health.

Fee Schedule:

Initial Appointment (2 hour visit for Adults under 65 years old)


Initial Appointment (2 hour visit for Adults 65+ & Students)


Short Initial (1/2 hour – 1 hour)

*Please note this is a short consultation visit

$60 – $120

Follow Up Visit ( 1/2 hour )


Follow Up Visit (1/2 hour for Seniors/Students/Children)


Reassessment (BTA testing-1 hour visit)


Reassessment (BTA testing-1 hour visit: Seniors/Students)


Children’s Initial Appointment (12 years +, BTA testing, 2 hours)


Children’s Initial Appointment (11 years & under, no testing, 1 hour)


***Effective July 1st, 2010-the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST-13%) will be added to our services & products.

To schedule an Initial Appointment please call us at (905) 206-0732.


    Your First Visit

    To prepare for your initial appointment, we would ask that you download and completely fill out the patient intake forms.

    Your First Visit

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