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This package has been put together to help you better understand the procedures, treatments and medicines utilized in our clinic. At The Natural Path, our philosophy is if the patient is better informed they are more likely to follow the health protocol and thereby attain their health goals.

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Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine treats health conditions by utilizing the body’s inherent ability to heal. By incorporating a variety of treatments based on the patient’s individual needs, Naturopathic doctors aid the healing process. Naturopathic medicine is based on the following principles:

The body has the power to heal itself. The body has considerable power to heal itself, and the role of the naturopathic doctor is to facilitate this natural process with the aid of natural, nontoxic therapies.

Treating the underlying cause rather than the symptom. Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the underlying cause of disease rather than suppressing the symptoms. Symptoms are viewed as expressions of the body’s natural attempt to heal while the causes can arise from the physical, biochemical mental/emotional levels.

Non-invasive and No Harm therapies. By employing safe and effective natural therapies, naturopathic doctors are committed to the principle of causing no harm to the patient.

Treating the whole person. Naturopathic medicine takes into consideration a patient’s lifestyle, mental, emotional health, past medical history and diet in order to evaluate their present health condition and to ensure proper and appropriate treatment for that individual.

Educating and Understanding. Naturopathic medicine believes in educating patients about how to better understand their own health. As a result, people take more control and responsibility for their lifestyle and therefore will enjoy improved health.

Prevention is the best cure. Prevention of disease is accomplished through education and a lifestyle that supports health and prevents disease.

Choosing Naturopathic medicine is an overall lifestyle change. Your results are dependent on your readiness and willingness to follow the recommended treatment.


What Is A Biological Terrain Assessment?

The founder of Biological Terrain Assessment or BTA was Louis Claude Vincent. He discovered that the key to healing was knowing the patient’s biochemistry and the optimal conditions or “terrain” for body function.

Biological terrain is a phrase used to describe the conditions, general health and activity level of cells. Dr. Vincent concluded that the components of the blood, urine and saliva afford insight into the way the body functions. By monitoring biochemical changes in these fluids and by making appropriate changes in diet, lifestyle, and medical treatment, health can be re-established and disease processes halted or possibly reversed.

The BTA evaluates the status of your body fluids. The BTA enables the Naturopathic doctor to determine the optimal conditions for a specific patient’s internal environment. The healthy body must satisfy 3 criteria to function at the highest level: (1) optimal pH; (2) optimal oxidation-reduction potential; and (3) resistivity.

1) pH of Fluids. The pH reading tells us whether enzymatic activity in the body is occurring properly and if digestion and absorption of vitamins and other nutrients is adequate. In general, the urine is a better indicator of pH changes than the blood because the blood’s pH level is very tightly controlled; however, both measures together, along with salivary pH, give a more complete picture of the body’s chemical balance. An excess of toxins in one’s diet and environment tends to increase the production of acid within cells, forcing the body to compensate by producing a strong alkaline chemical reaction in the blood, which, in turn, tends to favor the growth of cancer cells and fungi.

2) Oxidation-Reduction Potential (abbreviated as redox). Redox refers to the degree of “oxidative stress” on the body, or how much free-radical burden the body is exposed to. The effects of stress, poor air, poor food quality, and lack of aerobic exercise (typical of most North American’s lifestyle), their values are generally much lower than they should be to sustain a healthy body. If these values remain low for extended periods of time, the person will be more susceptible to chronic degenerative illnesses.

3) Resistivity. This is a measure of  tissue’s resistance to the flow of electrical current. With low resistivity, there is typically a congestion or buildup of mineral salts. High resistivity means a lack of minerals, which indicates the need to further evaluate the individual for specific deficiencies of these vital elements.


Understanding Your Results

You will receive a Report of Findings (ROF). These are the results from your fluid samples. Please review the notes on each page and make sure you understand what is written and that you understand what your Naturopathic Doctor has explained to you.

Please remember that BTA is not used to diagnose disease. It is assessing the overall function of the organs and systems of the body. Urine is a good indicator of the body’s secretory ability and toxic load on cells. Blood is a good indicator of toxicity and oxygen balances, while saliva offers insight into a person’s digestive capacities. Taken together and analyzed by means of the BTA, these measures provide a benchmark for determining whether or not someone is getting healthier, or more unwell.

Understanding Your Diet

Depending on your results and findings from the BTA, an appropriate diet will be recommeded for you. The following are commonly employed:

In many acute conditions, Dr. Dodd may recommend a low allergen diet. This diet usually helps soothe discomfort and inflammation in the digestive system that may be caused from high allergen foods. The most common food allergens are wheat and dairy. Through regular visits, Dr. Dodd will advise the best time to introduce these foods. Remember that this diet is temporary, another diet may be recommended at a later date.

A more popular or modified diet that Dr. Dodd may recommend is The D’Adamo Diet. This diet is followed according to your blood type. Dr. D’Adamo believes that certain foods can actually nourish every single living cell in the body according to your blood type. Therefore, Dr. Dodd may ask or do a blood film to determine your blood type and prescribe a diet relating to your blood type. By following this diet you are actually nourishing your cells and providing tolerable foods for your digestive system.



Choosing to come to see a Naturopathic doctor is an overall lifestyle change. Your progress depends on how well you are following the diet, naturopathic medication, and other therapies the doctor recommends. Your follow up appointments are designed to evaluate your progress from month to month. It is very important to be there for all monthly appointments.  We are interested in treating the underlying cause of the problem. Discontinuing or postponing your appointments will only delay your results and sometimes cause you to relapse.

Therefore, please try to be committed so that you receive the full benefits of naturopathic medicine. Your personal appointment book would be of great benefit to have on hand in order to schedule your next visit.

Naturopathic Treatments

The Naturopathic doctors at our clinic specialize in biological medicines. In conjunction with these medicines, we also use botanical and homeopathic medicine as well as nutritional supplements. They can be in the form of parenteral therapy, tablets, suppository, capsules, liquid, powder or pellets.

Biological Medicines: These medicines are formulated in Germany. They are made from single organisms and work to improve the overall function of the organs and systems of the body. These medicines also help to support the immune system, which is involved in most health conditions.

Botanical Medicines: These medicines are derived from plants. Botanical medicines contain a large number of naturally occurring chemicals that have biological activity. They are most effective when used to facilitate healing in chronic ongoing problems. A profound transformation in health can be experienced with less danger of the side effects inherent in drug-based medicine.

Homeopathic Medicines:These medicines are dilutions of natural substances from plants, minerals and animals. Based on the principle of “like cures like”, these medicines specifically match different symptom patterns or “profiles” of illness, and act to stimulate the body’s natural healing response.

Nutritional Supplements: These include vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Today, diet alone may not be sufficient enough to supply the nutrients necessary for overall good health and a growing number of people are suffering from nutritional deficiencies.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is the use of tiny needles in specific anatomical points on the body to treat many conditions. It can be used to treat migraines, back pain, neurological disorders, uterine fibroids, and circulation problems. The latest suggests that acupuncture assists the body by normalizing serotonin levels.


Understanding the Cause of Chronic Disease

Symptoms: Naturopathic doctors diagnose and treat the underlying cause of disease or condition. Your naturopathic doctor treats by eliminating factors that interfere with normal function of the organs (e.g. toxins).

Toxins: From birth, we experience many stressors. These stressors can originate from inhalants, heavy metals, herbicides, pollutants, pesticides and insecticides in our foods. In addition to environmental stress, we also have emotional and traumatic stresses. What do these do to our bodies?

Toxins Leading to Chronic disease

• Unfriendly Organisms (i.e. parasites, bacteria)
• Dental Disturbances (i.e. mercury fillings, root canals)
• Nutritional Deficiencies
• Environmental Toxins (i.e. chemicals, pesticides)
• Heavy Metals (i.e. aluminum, lead)
• Hyperacidity (poor fat, sugar metabolism)
• Protein Excess (from meat, dairy products)
• Radioactive Disturbance ( i.e. Hydro wires)
• Genetics


Think of your body as a barrel. As you experience more stress, toxins accumulate in the barrel and have no way out. Eventually toxins fill the barrel and overflows. This overflow is what triggers the symptoms of our condition or disease. The symptoms will not be cured until the barrel is emptied.


Your naturopathic doctor will begin by eliminating the toxins one by one. The whole process takes time and we cannot stress enough the importance of following up with your visits. If you start feeling better very early in your treatment (which is quite common), missing follow up appointments can easily bring on recurring episodes. It’s similar to bringing your car in for a regular tune-up if you don’t bring it in, it won’t work properly. In some cases we treat our cars better than our bodies.

Cancer Treatments

Various treatments are available. You can see a more comprehensive list on our Cancer Care page.


All medicines recommended are to be taken until the next appointment. If needed, please repeat your prescription! Please call the clinic or refer to your prescription instructions if you are unsure.



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