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naturopathic treatment

Our Doctors Will Recommend the Right Naturopathic Treatment For You

At the Natural Path, we have a number of naturopathic treatments available for you to obtain & retain optimal health.


The goal of the naturopathic doctor is to obtain an understanding of the whole patient and the factors affecting his or her health.  The doctor uses a holistic approach, assessing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a patient’s well being.  On the first day, an in-depth patient history is taken, as well as a physical examination.  A Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) may be performed which evalates the status of the body fluids and uncovers the general health and activity level of the cells.  The information from these and other tests will assist the naturopathic doctor to diagnose and develop an individualized treatment plan.

Cancer Treatment

We do an indepth analysis of your lifestyle, mental-emotional state, biochemistry and family history to plan the naturopathic treatment that is best for you.

There is a range of Cancer treatments available which are discussed on the Cancer Care page.

Intramuscular Injection/Intravenous Therapies

IV therapies are naturopathic treatments that treat the cells with nutrients in a high concentration in order for the cell wall to absorb them and to maintain its health – thus allowing the body to perform its functions well.  With IV therapies, the cells can absorb 100% of what they need throughout the body, compared to only about 10% absorbed through oral nutrients and supplements.


Based on the principle of “like cures like”, homeopathic medicine is a system that calls for stimulating the body’s own defense mechanism and healing powers.  Natural substances are given in minute doses, enhancing the body’s self-healing abilities and treating the person as a whole.

Lifestyle Counseling

Physical, emotional, nutritional and environmental factors affect health.  Obtaining an understanding of a person’s daily activity assists the Naturopathic doctor in helping patients make effective lifestyle choices, moving them towards maximum health and wellbeing.

Clinical Nutrition

Proper nutrition is an important aspect of regaining optimal health.  Our doctors provide recommendations on the proper diet protocol for your specific individual need, which will help to replenish starved cells.

Botanical Medicine

Plant substances and herbal preparations from around the world are used as naturopathic treatments to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities to help prevent and/or treat diseases within the body.


This form of naturopathic treatment  is an energetic approach to help restore normal balance and flow of the human life energy (Chi) revitalizing the body to repair itself and maintain its health.  The main purpose is to help relieve pain and promote the normal functions of various body systems and organs with the use of very thin needles inserted into various points on the body (acupoints). This triggers the central nervous system to release endorphins, which can effectively reduce the body’s perception of pain.

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