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Cancer Care

Cell division occurs constantly within our bodies. Once this division process is altered due to the immune system failing to destroy these altered cells, cancer can result.

Every person has cancer cells in the body. In standard tests, cancer cells may not be detected until they have multiplied to a few billion.

Typical Medical Treatments

Chemotherapy – involves poisoning cancer cells growing at an increased rate in the body, though destroys an abundance of healthy cells in the bone marrow and all throughout the body as well. In many cases cancer cells will develop resistance to chemo and cancer cells will recur.

Radiation – like chemotherapy, this treatment also burns, scars and damages healthy cells, tissues and organs. Cancer cells resistant to radiation can cause a recurrence of cancer.

With the combination of chemotherapy and radiation, the immune system can become compromised or destroyed, thus allowing the patient to become more susceptible to complications.

Alternative Cancer Treatments Conducted in our Clinic

Stable management of the disease is achievable during early stages of cancer. Regular screening of apparently healthy people will permit the identification before the development of symptoms such as: change in bowel or bladder habits, sore throat that does not heal, unusual bleeding or discharge, thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere, nagging cough or hoarseness.

Educating patients on how to provide an inhospitable environment for cancer cells is our ultimate goal.

NOTE: More than half the population has an acidic environment in their bodies ~ cancer cells thrive on this environment!

Powerful, but safe and effective Natural Medicines can provide a healthier environment for normal cells and an unfriendly environment for cancer cells. This is also used to lessen the side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

Intravenous Treatments

Our intravenous treatments are designed to repair, stimulate, and/or enhance the immune system’s responses. In this way, the process that permits cancer growth will be better managed. Making the cancer cells more recognizable to the body is the goal, as the immune system does not always recognize cancer cells as “foreign”. In this case, it would be our Naturopaths mission to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself, which is the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine.

Modified Cancer Treatment

Consists of various nutrients (minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, selected homeopathic remedies)

Intravenous mega doses of Vitamin C have been shown to decrease acidity, detoxify, improve oxygen utilization & stimulate immune functions.  Vitamin C is biochemically converted in the cancer cell to Hydrogen Peroxide, which kills cancer cells.

Has the potential as a chemotherapeutic agent that does not possess the adverse side effects that most chemotherapeutic drugs do, and is toxic to tumor cells when used intravenously at doses of 50 grams per day (Riordan et al, review).

Tumor Testing

This is a lab test to indicate the growth or shrinkage of cancer cells. Performed at the initial treatment and every month thereafter (or as directed by Dr. Dodd).

Other Treatments

There are other treatments not mentioned above which may also be performed at our clinic. Dr. Dodd will discuss  other methods of treatment that will be of benefit to you, during your consultation.

Some Facts About Cancer

(Taken from Public Health Agency of Canada – Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control)

a) Smoking and tobacco use is the cause of an estimated 30% of fatal cancers in Canada and the overwhelming cause of lung cancer.

b) Poor diet. At least 20% of cancer deaths are linked to a poor diet including the consumption of alcohol. Fruit and vegetable consumption is protective for a variety of cancers, whereas a diet high in red meat, processed meat, and saturated fat has been linked to an increased risk of several cancers.

c) Sunlight. Skin cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer. One of the main causes of skin cancer is exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

d) Additional risk factors for cancer include exposure to workplace or environmental carcinogens, certain infections, and reproductive patterns.

e) Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment ~ eating acidic foods such as meat, corn, beans, most grains, eggs, yogurt, fermented foods and aged cheeses.

f) Sugar is a cancer feeder therefore avoid sugar in foods and drinks.

g) Cancer is usually due to an under-functioning digestive system as well as an impaired immune system.

h) The presence of this condition is an indication of multiple nutritional deficiencies such as genetic, environmental, food and lifestyle factors.

i) Vitamin B17 delivers cyanide to cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed ~ foods rich in this vitamin are barley, cassava, chickpeas, wheat grass, lentils, flaxseed and millet.

j) Vitamin C can help to prevent cancer and can be an effective treatment in large dosages ~ the more extensive that cancer, the lower the amount of vitamin C present in the body.

k) Vitamin C heals and maintains the cartilage in arterial walls near the heart, necessary for recovery from surgery, manufactures more antibodies, is a natural antioxidant  and helps the body rid itself of toxic substances.

l) Lysine heals and maintains cartilage in arterial walls, removes arterial plaque ~ found in whey protein powder, legumes, wheat germ, brewers yeast, cauliflower, sprouts and Brussels sprouts.



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