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Darkfield Microscopy

A Quantitative Versus A Qualitative Analysis

By Richard Dodd BSc., ND

& Cristina Amorim BSc.N

Conventional medical blood tests involve isolating various blood components in order to give us numerical indications of what is going on in the body.  For example, conventional blood tests can measure the level of stored iron in the blood and they can also provide us with an abnormally high or low white blood cell count.

These quantitative measures are the mainstay of conventional medical blood tests.  This method of blood analysis however disrupts our bloods original state and does not allow us to observe our living blood cells in their natural and dynamic environment.

What about a qualitative analysis with Darkfield Microscopy?

Darkfield microscopy often referred to as Live blood cell analysis is performed by placing a drop of blood under a Darkfield microscope which is then observed through a camera on a TV screen.  Rather than relying on numbers alone, Darkfield microscopy can give us a qualitative analysis which can provide visual indications of the current health status of each blood cell.  Conventional medical blood tests do not provide us with these visual observations; they only provide us with numbers.  Numbers however may not be enough to motivate people to improve their diet or lifestyle.

What are the benefits?

Darkfield microscopic  investigation of living blood gives early, reliable insights into tendencies towards illness of different kinds.

Degenerative conditions such as heart disease, bowel disease and cancer, in their pre-existing states, can be identified.  Darkfield microscopy can reveal indications

of poor nutrient status such as low levels of iron, B12 & folic acid.  Poorly functioning RBC’s, an acidic terrain & features associated with poor fat and protein absorption and the level of white blood cell activity can also be revealed. Moreover, we can also observe indications of liver stress.

Darkfield Microscopy should not be used as a diagnostic procedure but rather as an educational tool to help monitor any progress made through the implementation of lifestyle changes and naturopathic treatments as well as providing a direction for future treatment plans.  Essentially, it can provide you with the motivation needed to stay on track.

Darkfield and Your Immune system

Darkfield microscopic investigation gives us indication of Leukocytic (or white blood cell) function within the immune system.  We can literally visualize how well white blood cells protect the body from foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses or parasites.

Darkfield and Cancer

Viewing live blood allows us to determine the ability of white blood cells within the immune system to function in the presence of a tumor.  We can also assess the white blood cells tolerability of immune-suppressive and chemotherapy drugs.  As a result Darkfield microscopy therefore also offers benefits for its use in conventional oncology.  In fact there are over 1,000 MDs in the USA who use it to form their diagnosis.

Please inquire about Darkfield microscopy today.

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